Saturday, April 18, 2009

David Mallet: The Garden Song

I get a few e-mails from folks regarding this website (and my other one). I always love hearing from folks. One friend wrote to tell me that David Mallet wrote "The Garden Song". He went on to state that his vote would be for Mr. Mallet.

I don't have any audio on this computer from which I write this. So I will have to wait until I get home to see if this YouTube video is any good. Here is David Mallet singing "The Garden Song".

What do you think?


Woodswalker said...

David Mallet sings a fine song. But Arlo . . . I mean, Arlo always adds a hilarious and subversive twist to everything he does. I just love that guy! Besides, he reminds me of when I was young w-a-a-ay back in the 60s and man, we were going to change the world! Thanks for posting him singing. When I hear that voice, I believe again.

Allan Stellar said...

It is good to believe change is possible! Arlo does that for me too...