Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beware Dogs Bearing Gifts...

Angel (our dog) is the first one to get up in our household. A lucky dog, we just open the door and let her take her morning constitutional. She likes to sniff around the property. Check this. Find that.

The other morning she ventured out and brought back this present for us. She left it on the front step as a gift for Joni when she opened the door after the dog's morning romp.
It was like the horses head scene in the Godfather!

The spinal cord is still attached to the skull. The ligaments still hold it together. All the flesh is gone. Decomposed and picked over.

So we have a mystery! CSI Concow once again! First, the dead snake. Now this skull. What do you think it is?

I haven't researched it yet. We aren't sure where Angel found the skull. I'm kind of hoping it is a black tailed deer who met his end of life from the tooth and claw of a mountain lion.

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