Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Singing with Arlo Guthrie...

We've been working on getting our garden beds ready to plant. Hauling dirt the old fashioned way:
We have eight beds ready to go:

It is hard not to sing "Inch by Inch, Row by Row--Gonna Make This Garden Grow" while working in the garden. Of course this is best sung with a nasally twang the way Arlo Guthrie sings it. Just click on Arlo Guthrie and listen to him sing (from 1987). Or if you prefer, hear John Denver sing it for Kermit.

Ok, who did you like better? Arlo Guthrie or John Denver?


Katherine Darrow said...

Arlo for sure.
So when you get around to watering these gardens, how will that affect your water use? Are you able to harvest rainwater at all? Nice looking dirt by the way!!

Allan Stellar said...

Doesn't anyone have a soft place in their heart of hearts for John Denver and the Muppets?

Kathy, We hope to harvest rainfall in subsequent years. Everyone keeps telling us that ponds don't work up here. Joni begs to differ--so we shall attempt to put one in that stores our bountiful rainfuall during our soggy winters.

But for now, our solar pump and well will provide the water for the garden.

Nelson2005 said...

Alan, you and your family are incredibly creative and resourceful! I want to have a raised garden this summer and I am still working on ideas. I think the haybales are great! Do you stake them in place before you pour in the dirt? Thanks for the lesson! God bless and keep you.

Allan Stellar said...

Hi Dave,

We used the strawbales because they got wet and we couldn't use them on the house. What does one do with so many extra bales? Joni had the idea (she is the bright one of the family) to use them for raised beds. Our soil is filled with clay, so we ordered some good dirt to put on top of our clayish soil. The strawbales will eventually break down and be able to be worked into the soil as mulch.

This was the only way we could figure out to get a harvest full of vegetables this summer. Check back to see if it works.

Thanks for your kind words! I hope the move went smoothly and you are enjoying your new home!