Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sebborreic Keratosis

Backwards photos again. This is after I had it removed. Sorry if you are squeamish...but after all, I am an RN.

While working this weekend, one of our Doctors noticed this lesion on my arm. My friend Jeff (an RN) also encouraged me to have this looked at a month ago. The good Doctor thought it looked a bit suspicious--felt it might be a basal cell I called the Dermatologist.

She told me that I'm getting older (this shows up in your latter forties). This sort of blemish is indicative of a genetic propensity--and (thankfully!) they are benign! And they get more numerous with aging.

Just add it to the long list of my recessive genes:
1. Attached ears.
2. Blue eyes.
3. The inability to roll my tongue.
4. The inability to learn languages (I'm sure this must be a genetic trait!).
5. Total inability to appreciate Poetry--unless it is set to music. I'm certain this character flaw has a genetic origin!

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