Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Good Day for Chickens and Chicken Legs!

Okay. I voted for Obama. I toyed with the idea of pulling the lever for Nader, but the opportunity to vote for an African American with Liberal (Socialist?) tendencies was just too enticing.

Driving back from work in the wine country---and heading up the mountain, National Public radio announced that Obama had won Ohio and New Mexico. Knowing this would mean that Obama would win, I stopped into the "Dome Store" for a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with Joni.

So I pulled into the Domestore and put a bottle of cheap champagne on the counter. Telling the sixty something, pony-tailed clerk that Obama had just won Ohio (hence the celebration) he said: "bleep, bleep, bleepity bleep" (this is a family website).

Then he said, "He's gonna take my gun!" I laughed and told him Obama wouldn't take away his right to have a gun (although the crazed look in his eyes made me think that, perhaps, he shouldn't have one).

Mr. Pony Tail then said: "He hangs out with terrorists!". I laughed again....told him that's just silly.

Escalating, eyes bulging, Mr. Pony Tail then launched into a tirade on Obama being a Socialist/Communist and that the country is doomed (using very expressive bathroom language). Laughing, I left with the bubbly--and mumbled that a bit of Socialism might not be a bad thing.

And Prop 2 passed! Let's hope this critique of industrial husbandry spreads like wildfire!

California can make mistakes too. Every forty years, California does something repressive: treatment of the Native population in the 1850's; shipping the Chinese back to China in the 1890's; concentration camps in the 1940's for Japanese Americans; Ronald Reagan being foisted on the scene (and the abuse of the mentally ill) in the 1960's---and now Prop 8.

Looks like Gay Marriage is doomed in California. At this point, the Gay Marriage ban narrowly passed. Blame the Mormons. Utah being safe from Obama's socialism, they turned their attention to banning same sex loving. This from a religion that has had it's own marriage controversies.

A friend of mine who was at Woodstock got numerous calls from LDSers. Another friend got numerous mailings against Gay Marriage from the Mormons. Seems to me this is a severe breach of the separation of Church and State---and that the Church of the Latter Day Saints should immediately be investigated for abusing such. They should lose their tax exempt status, and crawl back into the polygamous cave that begat them.

Someday, tolerance will win.

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