Sunday, November 2, 2008

California Propositions: Chickens, Gays, Homeschoolers and Cars

There are a couple of interesting Propositions on California's ballot this election cycle. By far the most interesting, the most under-funded---and the one that has infuriated industrial agriculture--is Proposition Two.

Prop Two requires the humane treatment of farm animals. Animals will get fresh air and sufficient room to turn around and walk freely in their cages. This simple, humane idea has sent the fear mongers in agribusiness to new heights...warning about salmonella in our food from cheaper eggs imported from Mexico. Their commercials on TV display Veterinarians in lab coats telling us how unhealthy this proposition is for us. They remember all those studies that state that if you wear a lab coat, your opinion is listened to much more. We become sheep.

With little money on the Pro-Chicken side of the argument--this one will be very interesting to watch. And it is the first measure (I believe) in the country that places strict rules for the treatment of Industrially farmed animals.

And of course there is Prop 8--which would outlaw Gay marriage in California. Once again, the anti-gay marriage people play on people's fears by stating that Gay marriage will be taught in our schools.

So what? First off, that is ludicrous!!---most kids learn about the advantages of marriage by watching their parent's level of happiness with each other. This isn't taught at school---it's taught at home.

Secondly, it seems to me that most folks who oppose the teaching of diverse opinions in our public schools have already left the school system to slowly torture their children at home. It's called Homeschooling.

Christian Mom's indoctrinate their children that the Earth is 6,000 years old; Muslims are damned; Our God is good; Their God is bad; Creation is Science; Evolution is bad; secular humanists are destroying humanity; and C.S. Lewis was smart.

Of course the Homeschooling movement ain't much better on the Lefty, Granola side of the aisle. Here they teach diversity to their kids by taking them out of diverse situations; they teach self-esteem by withdrawing their kids from social situations where the kids could actually learn to have such within challenging situations. They teach social values by being anti-social. It's elitist granola crap!

Homeschooling is to education what Mono culture is to Farming: A bad idea!

But I'm off track here...a rant....

We also have a high speed train initiative on the ballot (Yippee!!). A renewable energy provision that is actually opposed by the Sierra Club (I voted for it). And yet another parental notification proposition about abortion (I voted against it).

Even T. Boone Pickens got in on the act with an alternative energy transportation Proposition giving tax credits for cars that run on natural gas (I voted for it).

But of all of these, I feel that Proposition Two is the most important. If that one passes, I'm hoping more States will follow with something similar. It'd be a good day for chickens!

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