Friday, October 31, 2008

Sikh's and Leaks.

After completing the work with GG yesterday, I ate a quick dinner and drove to Napa for work. Got here at 11:15 pm; waited to get my room key---and it was well after midnight before getting to bed.

Took my time. Stopping in Yuba City for a bottle of water, I saw in the local paper that 80,000 turbaned Sikh's are going to have a parade there this weekend. It's the largest gathering of Sikh's in the country. The Sikh's even won a lawsuit stating that a turban is just as good as a motorcycle helmet (doubtful--I used to work a brain injury unit); hence, a Sikh Harley Motorcycle Club is going to be there. That I would like to see.

The Mayor of the town is going to address the gathering. I guess the Temple there is quite famous amongst Sikhs. Why they would choose an agricultural town in the Sacramento River delta to gather astounds me. Why not a more pluralistic place? Yuba City is smack dab in one of the more conservative areas of rural California. McCain/Palin signs are everywhere. I haven't seen one Obama sign (let alone a Nader or McKinney sign) on my travels through this rural landscape. Seems that San Francisco would make more sense? New York? Even Des Moines, Iowa would be more pluralistic than Yuba City.

Makes me curious about this religious group and what their connections to Yuba City are...

This morning I gave Joni a quick call to see if the roof leaked.

"No leaks", she said. Joni went on to state the wind howled through out the night and that the rain was quite heavy at times. There were a few problems with tarps which she remedied by throwing a few rocks on them in the middle of the night.

No leaks thus far with our recycled tin roof. A good omen.

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