Monday, November 24, 2008

Changes to the Solar Compound Blog...

Procrastinating from chores I really should be doing...I added (and reduced) a few things to this blog:

First off, if you look to your right, you will see photos of the Solar Compound's Greatest Hits, which visually documents the construction of this "off grid" Primitive Green Addition.

Secondly, I did away with the polls. Nobody really clicks on them anyway; they are mostly for my amusement.

Thirdly, I reduced the number of posts on the front page. So if you want to see older posts you can click under the "month" icon to your right. Or you can just click on the "older posts' button at the bottom.

Fourthly, I turned on the "Comments" section at the bottom of the posts. Here you can easily leave feedback for me. I hesitate to do such, as blogs that have comments without any comments being there, seem very ugly to me. NO UGLY go ahead, leave a message. Or two. Or three.

Fifthly, I added a "hit" counter.

So what are the stats for this blog, you might ask? It gets a few dozen unique visitors a day. The hits come from all over: India, the UK, Canada--even Iowa! Some are friends and blood relatives that I arm twist into looking at this thing. Others are complete strangers. It gets around sixty hits a day...sometimes more. Not bad for a Psychiatric Nurse who got a "D" in English.

All I can say is: "Thanks for Visiting!"

And please overlook my punctuation errors, comma splices, sins of grammar, the inability to use an apostrophe correctly, clumsy sentence structure, the inappropriate use of the semi-colon and other errors which I have no clue that I have made (look, my ignorance is showing!).

English Professors Beware: Improper English Ahead!

This blog got a hair cut, of sorts. She looks nice and clean. What do you think?

Do you like it?

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