Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Comments Are Cool!! Just Ask Ed...

The late great Ed Abbey said: "Better Read Than Dead". Amen.

As noted in the last post, I decided to turn the "comments" section on. I do this with a little trepidation because most writers would like to see something other than the "0 comments" under the post. As I said, that looks ugly to me.

So, I'll turn on the "comments" section for awhile as an experiment.

See something you like? Leave a comment. See something we are doing wrong with our building experiment? For heaven's sake warn us! Disagree with some diatribe I write (and for those who have been to the Mother Earth Forum, I'm certainly used to that)? Go ahead. Vent! Complain! Call me a fool!

If you think this structure will never stand? Go ahead and predict as much. If you are touched by something, let me know. If you think this Primitive Green Experiment is cool? Let me know your thoughts.

"Better Read Than Dead".

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