Sunday, November 23, 2008

Under Construction: The Wild Paradox

And we also are under construction. Five months now.

We moved up here five months ago. A slow start with all the fires and all. We didn't start on the post and beam until the first week of September. Took us eight weeks to get that done. Most of November we've been building the stem wall.

And then there are the activities of daily living: Work; Walks now and then; Gymnastics; Chores...always chores; Hauling water when the pump was broken; Heating water on the stove, now that we don't get as much sun for our solar shower and hose.

Five months of four people sharing a 320 square foot cabin. Living Large by Living Small.

Joni and I were talking the other day. Yes, we love it! Life elsewhere seems too sanitized and unreal. Too easy. Fake. Artificial. Too many people. Why do they shower so much?

We watch our Stellar Jays play. They like to screech, imitating a hawk---which confuses the crap out of our dog. Then the Stellar Jays cackle and laugh---watching the confused pup take cover. This reflex in our dog Angel must be an instinct left over from her ancient canine ancestors (before dogs discovered they could get a free meal by having a symbiotic relationship with the Cro-Magnons).


I wonder what vestiges of the wild remain in our personalities? Certainly not our most awful behavior! The desire to hurt, harm, steal, betray, break, over consume, be selfish and act like hooligans---all that comes from the urban environment.

Eve's apple: Cities.

Wild behavior is more civilized. The untamed is tame. The Wild Paradox.

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