Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wolf House...Jack London part four...

Nature Writers love to build non-traditional homes. Jack built his in typical grandiose fashion.

Having read about the "Wolf House" I was surprised at the scale of the thing. Huge! Of course, it is in ruins. One month before London and his wife were to move into it, a disgruntled employee probably started a fire to burn it down. Some say he was angry that he was fired...and that a Socialist shouldn't build something quite so grand.

The place was built of local volcanic rock and Redwood timber...15,000 square feet. This was the inside courtyard...

The place burned in 1913. Jack London never rebuilt he was in poor health and died in 1916 at the age of forty.

Let's hope the Solar Compound doesn't meet a similar fate. It nearly did. The Concow fire nearly took our little homestead in July (the first night we moved in), missing our house by a few yards (and saved by the Beverly Hills Fire Department).

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