Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Everywhere along the paths and trails of Jack London State Park, there are these signs:

Are we so disconnected from the dangers of rural walking that we need to reminded constantly about Poison Oak and Rattlesnakes? Frankly, I think the signs are ugly. Of course we should watch where we tread--that's what nature is about! One sign would be enough of a reminder. Not dozens.

State Parks want people to have a "safe experience". Okay. But the dangers of nature are what reminds us that we are still creatures. It's like when a Mountain Lion is spotted near a school. They lock the children safely away... I say: "Get the kids outside. They may never get the chance to see a Cougar"! And the safety of numbers will certainly scare the critter away. Nature is to be respected and enjoyed. If we suffer a casualty or two, so what? No need to panic. Take heed and enjoy!!

It's safer to walk a path in the woods than it is to drive your car to the mall---now that's something to be frightened of!

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