Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Work Photos...

We've got the ceiling in 40 percent of the way. Joni ordered a vast amount of the barn wood. I, of course, thinking I knew better---reduced the order. Oops. Looks like we won't have enough and will have to get more today.

Joni has been pleasant about it. No eyes rolling. No sighs of disgust. No "I told you so's"--at least, not yet anyway. She is probably storing this material in her "Allan is Just a Stupid Lout" file, to be brought out later (in dramatic fashion) as the coup de gras when a similar issue comes up.

Putting up the crossbeam on the pad.

Cutting dimensional lumber for the rafters across the barnyard ceiling...

The last pole in place. Darkness fell as we finished for the day. We have one last log to put up this morning.

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