Sunday, August 17, 2008


Looking at our property from the other side of the canyon (read below). The strip of Green is our area. The mountain behind is burned (for thirty five miles). The canyon below is burned.

A close up image. Our trees are just behind this burned area, in the middle of the photo.

This pool is at the bottom of the canyon. I'm gonna hike there soon...

Joni and I took the day off yesterday. It's been quite hot this August. Not a day under 100 degrees. We had planned to go and climb Mt. Lassen, which at 11,000 feet, would get us out of the heat.

We packed up our packs and got going a little later than expected. So, rather than drive down to Chico, and then up to Lassen National Park, we decided to take a "short cut". Northern California has lots of stories about couples taking shortcuts to get places. They usually end up dead, after an all-out search is launched.

We showed a bit more discretion than that. When we encountered a bit of a washed out area, on a Jeep road---with our tiny, little, clown car (the Toyota Echo), we turned around and headed back to Paradise. Got some really good Thai food, and headed off to the edge of the canyon to look at the burned areas.

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