Sunday, August 17, 2008

First half of August...Trees, Cupboards and Satellites

We had to take down an Oak tree. We didn't really want to, but the poor thing had quite a lean to it over where we planned to put the addition. Joni, ever the Treehugger, had a talk with the tree. The message the tree said was "I'm so tired"..."yes, you can cut me down".

Here is the tree, resting to be firewood.

Curious that Joni would get that message from the tree. The Oak was hollow in the middle where she was bent over. It wouldn't have stood much longer. No wonder she was tired.

Three stages of technology: An outdoor shower (solar); our satellite dish for the Internet; and the propane tank...
I wasn't too thrilled about hanging cupboards. I've always heard that it is hard to do. So when we finally got around to hanging them, I thought I'd be working for weeks. Turns out Joni's plans were for us to have only two cupboards hanging. We got them up just fine...

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