Sunday, August 17, 2008

We start to fill in the rubble...

We hired a kid to finish digging the trenches. A hard worker...I enjoyed watching him work, while I sipped coffee and dreamed dreams.

This morning, Joni started filling the trenches with rubble from the property. Gonna take a whole lot of rock. By the way, it's mostly igneous.

An action shot...good toss!

The finished trenches (without rubble).
And the other side (without rubble)...

The part in the middle will be two rooms. The dirt will have six inches of pea gravel on top of it. Followed by two inches of a straw/clay mixture. On top of that will be around four inches of adobe, made with mostly the dirt from our property. We will then polish the adobe with a hardening agent (beeswax?). That's the plan anyway...will it work?

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