Monday, August 18, 2008

State of the Homestead, part eight

We have a play area, sleeping area and the Bird Bus a short walk from the cabin. The Bird Bus has become our closet.

When talking to a couple of neighbors, they are pretty insistent against sleeping outside like this. Mountain Lions have snatched up a couple of dogs recently. Never tie your dog up and leave him/her alone out here. All you are doing is using the Canine as a lure. They make good snacks for Cougars (and I'm sure all cats are happy that they even the score with dogs).

The Bears have been active too. One neighbor stopped raising Poultry due to the incessant poaching of them by the Bears. The Bears say they "taste like chicken".

The Bears aren't as smart as the Yosemite ones. They don't break into cars. We do keep all our garbage in the shed. And we wash the dishes every night. I've also done a bit of marking my territory around the place. Ode deaux Allan. I want to show the critters who the Alpha Male is around here.

Still, when a Bear recently took out a Goat, we felt it would be best for the girls to sleep in the Cabin. Joni stays with them. I, alone, brave the wildlife (which I haven't seen). From looking at the literature on Mountain Lion attacks, I haven't seen one reference to them taking out a sleeping human. Maybe because most humans are smart enough not to sleep outside exposed in Puma territory.

Bears are a different matter. A black bear recently took out a human in Yellowstone. And there have been attacks in Smokey Mountains National Park. The fire has disturbed the wildlife. If they survived, their forage is greatly reduced. So they have been more aggressive in more inhabited areas. So far, they've left us alone.

The girls play area.
Inside the bus.
A detail from the Bird Bus (which Joni painted for the Colorado Ski Town: Crested Butte): A Stellar Jay.

Another detail. A Raven stares (and drops a feather) to a handicapped person in a wheelchair. In the reflection in the puddle below, the person is walking. Raven as healer.

Somehow, blogger doubled the photos...sorry about the redundancy....

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