Monday, August 18, 2008

State of the Homestead, part nine (the last one)

Yes, the side of the cabin with the pink wrap is incredibly ugly! If we don't get the Post and Beam up this fall (I'm still waiting to see if my friend can fit it into his schedule---this sort of work is way beyond me)...we will side this over (and put up a Yurt for sleeping).

There are more than enough ugly country homesteads. With no garbage collection, poverty and probably just sheer laziness, I'm amazed at how untidy some properties are. I'd rather not be one of them.
I set up our washer outside. Yes, it works...but takes a whole heck of a lot of power. I tried to talk Joni into having it be "family day" to do the wash by hand. That didn't fly. Joni may be one hell of a Granola Chick...but she does have a little bit of the upscale "My Daddy Was An Executive At A Major Corporation" hangover left in her. She looked at me like I had just suggested that we build a rocket and fly it to the moon. She said: "NO". She is probably right. I have more ideas than will to do them. So for now, we take the laundry into town.

We are almost done with living out of boxes. The few that remain are for the kitchen, which remains incomplete. We are trying to figure out how to build adobe countertops.

Now that we have an inside stove that works, we don't use the campstove as often. Yet, it is fun to cook on it in the evening (or so Joni tells me anyway). Like the guy from Being There: I like to watch. Since we don't have water into the kitchen yet, we do wash the dishes outside.

This completes the State of the Homestead series. After a little more than a month, this is how we live. Like any new hobby, it remains fun for now. Will it always remain such? I'll get back to you during the rainy season...

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