Monday, August 18, 2008

State of the Homestead, part seven in the Trenches

Trench Warfare.

This is as far as we got yesterday. We pick the rocks up from around the property. The trench is about sixteen inches deep and twenty four inches across. That means we will have an extra six inches of floor space all around this addition. The strawbales won't be load bearing. We decided to use Post and Beam to hold the roof up. And it will be entirely a Shed Roof with a south facing exposure. I'm not inclined to put the hot water up there anymore. I'd rather build a 40 gallon tower. We might put more PV panels on the roof though.

It will be a tin roof. Nothing like the sound of rain hitting tin. Comforting. Against the cabin, the roof will be 15 feet tall. Exposed on the inside, for quite a tall ceiling. For insulation we will use old blue jeans. Although I am a little concerned if this will be fire retardant enough. More research needs to be done.
We gingerly piled the rock over the exposed electrical and water lines yesterday.

More trench warfare.
This is the dirt pile from where we dug out the trenches and leveled the interior floor. We will use this pile to make the adobe for the walls and floor.

We also scraped off the gravel that was there. Kylie is in the process of spreading this on the driveway for me. A good girl who loves to work. She can feel her arms getting stronger, shoveling and grunting along. She earns money by doing this...

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