Friday, August 15, 2008

The First Two Weeks: learning to cope...

There was no hot water (or water period) to the cabin. So we rigged up this shower. Actually, Scot did it when he was visiting. I guess those who have the least interest in stinkiness, grubbiness or general unwashedness motivates a person to create solutions.

Five gallons of water left in the sun for a few hours leads to a mighty fine shower. Enough for three people!

We also figured out that if you leave 75 feet of garden hose in the sun for a few hours, you have more than enough hot water to do the dishes...

We rigged up an outdoor bedroom. The ridge has been bothered by Cougars and Bears as of late, so to help fend them off, I peed all around the thing. No critters yet! knock. knock.

We also created an outdoor kitchen.

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