Friday, July 11, 2008

The Ridge Burned...

Just got news that the"Camp" fire has burned through my address at the Solar Compound. No word yet if any structures survived the fire. No word as to when we will be allowed to see the damage for ourselves. Crud.

Joni and I did manage to get a hotel last night. So we slept in the mediocre splendor of the Days Inn. During the day we spend it at the Red Cross shelter, visiting our dog and cat. I haven't visited the mice yet.

Grumpy people at the shelter. They have started to staff the place with a permanent Sheriff's presence. Many of the evacuated folks are hardy hillbilly types. They are becoming increasingly agitated at the lack of news. From looking around the place, you would think that there was a convention of depressed ZZ Top impersonators at the shelter.

But we are treated well by the cherubic Red Cross workers. My insurance company has already sent me a check. My work assures me that I can take as much time off as I want; I will still have a job awaiting me. The girls are with their Mother in the Bay Area for a couple of weeks.

One fatality so far. A Concow resident was found dead in their burned residence. Tis best to heed the evacuation notices.

Plans? Everything is insured. The solar. The house. Contents. So, if the place did burn, we will have a Yurt delivered. Set it up quickly. And rebuild a brand new strawbale house.

Anybody care for a S'more?

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