Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here's to St. Francis and Buddha!!

Joni and I managed to slip by all the road closures and security today and visited our homestead. Our little portion of the Ridge had six houses burn. Seven houses survived.

Ours was one of the survivors.

The valiant Fire Fighters pretty much bulldozed our whole parcel. Around the house. Around the battery shed. Around another shed. And around Joni's friendly little converted camper bus.

Nothing burned. There was a fair amount of ash and cinders about. And while we were up there, the stumps of trees were smoldering.

The fire came to the edge of our property and there it stopped. Maybe there is power in our little Buddha and St. Francis statues I left behind to guard the place. Three parcels were left untouched. My next door neighbor (about fifty yards) and our neighbor kiddy corner to us. The others around us burned. Forty five percent of the properties.

As it is, except for a bit of new bulldozer tracks...and a large bit of bulldozed front yard, our property comes out pretty much unscathed.

We were lucky.

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