Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living in a shelter

I have four minutes and forty seconds to add an entry.

Joni and I are living in a Red Cross shelter. We were evacuated from the "Camp" fire at 5:30 am two days ago. The fire line is currently on our property. I'm told there are five fire trucks from Los Angeles, with bull dozers, which are protecting the property.

Our new puppy is at our shelter. As is our cat. We also evacuated our two mice (which I felt quite foolish about) as Kylie and Jazmine looked at me like I was Mengele when I wanted to leave them at the house.

We had time to grab a box of photos, some documents and a few books. We also had a few changes of clothes already packed.

The Red Cross is amazing. Good food. Interesting folks all about. I shall post a report sometime when I can add photos and a story or two...

Be Blessed Everyone....

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