Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Bird Bus the Scene of the Vulture...

The new spot for the "Bird Bus". This is the PatridgeFamilyesqueStellarMobile that will be our changing room, storage and extra bedroom, during the time it takes for us to build the new additions. In it's prior incarnations it served as a city bus for Crested Butte, Colorado. It also has been a home for Joni while she traveled the states for six months. And we've used it quite a bit for non-roughing-it camping.
Of course, now that we have our home where the Sierras meet the Cascades, I start thinking about where to live when it rains? And you are looking at it. I'm thinking that someday a second, sunny home in Tuscon or San Diego (living out of the bus) during the interminably awful, rainy months is quite in order. Sunshine...the best treatment for seasonal affective disorder.
Rain is worse than snow. You can play in the snow. Rain? Just makes you soggy, discouraged, cold, wet, miserable, dysphoric, melancholic and fat.

This photo is taken from about where I was sitting when the Turkey Vulture accosted the pup and me.

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