Thursday, May 29, 2008

Benny Rothman and the Rambling Song

Benny Rothman was the original Trespasser. On April 24, 1932 he led a "mass trespass" to open up some private lands to "Ramblers" in the United Kingdom. Benny was an old Commie. There is a popular song about Benny. Youtube has two excellent videos and links, with two different versions of the songs.

The first Youtube video is about Benny in 2002.

This Youtube video has the last verse of the song, which is omitted from the prior one. I like this last verse: "So I'll walk where I will..."

Quite a lovely song. "I'm a Rambler..." Or as a friend of mine wrote to me about the former video:

"That is just fun. I always feel at home with old commies!"

I concur Brad!

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Anonymous said...

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