Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome Monthly Review Readers!

You must have way too much free time!

Taking a break from reading the likes of Chomsky, to visit this little blog! Having a respite from fomenting Revolution? Class struggle got you down? Welcome, comrade...

I wasn't expecting a link from the egg-headed folks at Monthly Review. But it is welcome. You see, this here bit of self-centered indulgence (complete with pictures of someone you've never met; nor might never want to know) is about a Couple with two young grand-children, who have a dream of building a residence in the wilderness. The male of this couple (me) has absolutely no home building skills. A dreamer. A nobody. All I have to my name is a nursing license and a few good intentions.

So, since you've travelled this far, why not start at the beginning? Look to the right (yeah, I know that you Lefty folk might have a hard time with that direction). Start with the introductory thing. I'm appreciative of you taking the time to visit here.

The site is intended to be a "real time" version of building a house out of sticks, straw and mud. I consider it to be building outside of the HOME DEPOT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Natural and raw. And when the darned thing is done, round abouts September...we shall see if this middle aged radical couple can build something that is both Earth friendly and (I like this best!) cheap!! It'd be nice if the thing didn't fall down too.

And drop me a line and tell me of your struggles. Dreams. Agitations. Or just snide remarks. They are welcome! Or as Ed Abbey once said: "Better Read, than Dead".

My thanks to Mike Yates for posting the piece you'll find below. And if you haven't read his wonderful travelogue: "Cheap Motels and a Hot Plate"--it's certainly worth your time. In fact, you might be better served by going to Amazon and purchasing it now, rather than scrolling to the bottom to begin reading about this silly adventure.

But should you choose to scroll to the beginning of this blog: you have my thanks! And humility.

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