Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother Earth News and Monthly Review...

The past couple of days have been fun for me!

First off, Mother Earth News finally published that essay. The link is below:

And they also have a special forum to discuss it. Not too interesting so far! I'd hoped for a little more of a response. It's mostly negative. One fellah would like to beat the crap out of me...

And this link is for photos of "No Tresspassing Signs"

And the last link is to a piece published by the good people at Monthly Review...

Not bad for a week's worth of work... I've been walking around work calling myself: "The Green, Radical, Socialist Writer". And some of my colleagues forwarded the pieces to the CEO, Vice President, Director of Nursing, ER Directors, MD's. etc. etc.

Hope I don't lose my job.

Most disagree with me vehemently that a person should be able to walk anywhere, unimpeeded. Oh well. "You may say I'm a Dreamer....."

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