Monday, April 28, 2008

Wine, Fish and Bread....

Photos again from 2003. For our wedding, I wanted to celebrate, what seems to me, a holy meal of Wine, Fish and Bread (see the Gospel of John). So that's what we did. The lady in white is the local Hindu Priestess...and our friend Marge is in the foreground. That's Joni looking happy!

The backyard wedding. And our wedding outfits. Joni made the canopy, signifying the Four Directions. We also smoked a peace Joni studied with Sunbear and is a Pipe Carrier... How's that for weird California Goofinesss!

More from 2003! I'll post more photos of me when I stop looking like Michael Moore!

Joni and Me during our (I guess we are still in it) Revolutionary Stage...

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