Friday, October 21, 2011

Kylie's Wall

A visit from my Dad and I'm now armed with a new Laptop. Got the thing fired up and now I can publish photos again. Thanks Dad for the new Laptop!

Four months since I've last published anything on this blog. So what is new? Lots. First off, everyone has their own bedroom now. Kylie was given permission to "tag" her wall. Here she sits on her bed with an old Laptop of Joni's (One of the neighbor kids was visiting this afternoon). I like the tagged wall appearance.

Posts will be more frequent now. I see there are some new folks who have "followed" recently; Welcome!


Pete said...

Hi Allan, It's nice to see you've made another post. Kylie's got talent. Now that you have a lot of the "big" stuff noted on the blog maybe tell us about the "smaller and even mundane" stuff. We will like it. Pete

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Pete. Now that I have a new Lap Top and a camera that functions (albeit with smudges on the lens), I think I'll be able to start writing on this thing again. Thanks for your interest.