Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Loft Bed For Kylie

Kylie and her friend are trying to figure out how to put together a Loft Bed in her room. You see, after three years and four months of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, my Dad bought Loft Beds for the girls.

Things are cushy up here: We have hot water; we have seperate rooms; we have a new washer; we have a functioning shower; We have a wood stove. We've stepped into modernity. Climbed into the lifestyle of the Lower Middle Class. Gone are the days of two children and two adults sleeping on the floor of the cabin while the rains poured outside. 

Kylie and her friend failed in their endeavor to put the Loft Beds together. That's just as well, as we had a 4.8 earthquake last night. The quake rocked the house pretty good; I was happy the Addition stood up to the test: No Damage.

And so this morning, Joni and I completed the task of putting the bed together. This is how Kylie's room looks now. We had originally planned to have the girls share one room, but, well, I guess it is totally uncool to share a room with a sister nowadays. Therefore, we divided up their room into two very small cubes. Or cells. Reminiscent of a jail cell or a monastic dorm.


When my Dad was here, he said: "All you have is finishing work now". Yup. And I'm sure we will be spending the next umpteen years trying to finish this thing.

Now it is on to putting Jazzy's bed together.

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Hudson said...

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