Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tin from the Year 1915!

I bought 35 sheets of recycled tin and had it delivered this morning (I need a pick up truck--anybody have one they want to sell me? Or better yet: donate?).

This tin is from a barn that was deconstructed (for you post-modernist fans!) down on the valley floor. Royce, who sold me the tin, told me the barn was built in 1915.

This is from the same barn that graces our roof. By the way, we haven't had any leaks...

The tin is also on the side of the building...

I plan on attaching this tin to part of our newest framed in wall...

We also will use it inside the family room--along the wall that houses our bookshelf in this photo.

I wrote about tin yesterday on my other blog. Today, I ran across this excellent indictment of our economy. The video is long--but nicely done. Reusing tin (that is almost 100 years old) is, hopefully, a way to help build a new economy. I hope you will peruse the highlighted video. It is quite excellent!

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