Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Front and Back Doors!!

The outside view of our new Front Door!!

I have to quit making predictions about when we will have "this and that" done. The more you predict--the more wrong you become. Or as a friend of mine has told me: "If you want to make God laugh--tell Her your plans".

We have a new Family Room! These photos are sunny; but they do indicate just how much light (and warmth) we will get in the Addition--having built the place for the natural passive solar heating with a southern exposure. It is winter now--and it warms up just fine. Even without the walls totally built.

The inside view of our Front Door! Pretty plush living...

An outside view of our Back Door! Yahoo!!

An inside view of our new Back Door!

Our new Family Room...with the door open (and Angel observing me) to our old Cabin.

I'm not going to talk about our plans...but, I do have a load of recycled tin coming tomorrow morning. With this I hope to finish up the exterior. This will lead to building the last straw bale wall. Then we can mud the last exterior wall. Now, will I get it done this week (after all, I am nursing an injury)? Your guess is as good as mine...

I also have a new "used" wood stove. This will go into the Family Room. With any luck, this might get installed this week. I have a carpenter friend coming over to help me with this...

All in all, we just might have a usable, cozy Family Room this winter!

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