Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guest Accommodations

My friend, Scot, made a comment in the last post about making a visit from Iowa ("Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa") to give a hand with the strawbale building. He also personally attests to my lack of talent, reason, ambition and agility. True.

This is our guest facility for the summer, Scot! Drop me an e-mail and this splendorous, four person, Coleman Tent awaits. Hopefully this year we won't have to evacuate because of a wildfire! Don't worry, we haven't seen one bear this summer. BC said that when he stayed in our guest tent last week, he was only awakened once by a furry creature screeching from meeting some sort of terrifying, red tooth and claw, death. The deer have been bedding down next to it. No mountain lions have been spotted around here for months. You'll be safe (maybe?)!

Or if anyone else would like to take a stab at cobbing or strawbaling...drop me a line. Nothing like sharing a bit of honest sweat--followed by a bit of dinner (fresh and homemade!), a bottle of wine (the very best five dollars can buy!) and some stargazing.

Now I'm off to the wine-marinated Napa Valley for five days. Further progress on the Addition will have to wait until next week.



greentangle said...

I'm sure of every bit as lacking as you, and one of my possible futures would involve busing through the west in late-August or September. And I'd probably even have my own tent. I'll let you know should it come to pass.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Allen,
Reads like a fine offer, and the accomodation looks great, if flights keep getting cheaper may have to take you up on it.

Allan Stellar said...

Green and Rob,

I always liked the idea of having fellow agitators pass through and participate in movement building (and building building!). I'm reminded of the Nearings, and how they had folks passing through their homestead all the time to check out how they lived. A nice model, I feel.

So if you are on a bus trip, or have a flight to the States--come on by. Drop us a line to let us know...

Okay Robb...I'll bite. What does kia ora mean?




Ruahines said...

Kia ora Allan,
Kia ora ( key ore ah ) is Maori, the indiginous people of New Zealand, and means either Hello, as used above, and also means Thank You. Cheers.
Ka kite ano (goodbye till next time)

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