Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally! We Start Building Strawbale Walls!!

A friend of mine from Minnesota is spending a few days with us--helping us build the house. We took one whole day and built "window bucks" for the Strawbale walls:

And yesterday, we started building the Strawbale walls. Here I am laying the ceremonial "first" Bale on the new wall:

We did that as part of a demonstration to a few curious folks who are interested in building like this:

The first tier of Bales.

Attaching the Bales to a window:

My friend makes sure the wall is level:

Putting in a Window Buck into the wall:

That's as far as we got yesterday...


Ruahines said...

Kia ora,
How cool to see this happening. My wife and I, living in New Zealand, are planning a similar venture at some stage. It is inspirational to find it becoming reality for others. Rock on, Kia kaha!

Allan Stellar said...

Thanks Robb...

And thanks for the visit. If I can build something like this (and it ain't done yet) then anybody can. Afterall, I have very little talent, am lazy, can't cut straight, and am naturally clumsy. We shall see if it still stands when we are done...


Scot McCluskey said...

As one of Allan's longest enduring friends I can assure you that his self-description is accurate. :-) On the other hand I am impressed with the work you are doing. Hopefully I can get out to visit again and maybe even help a little this time.