Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking a Break....

Not much progress on our house over the last few days. I've been struggling with a sore shoulder for around six weeks. It all started the day I thought I should build scaffolding out of strawbales. I heaved the bales up over my head. Gee, that sort of hurt--I thought to myself. Then, I thought it would be a good idea to pitch batting practice to Kylie for an hour.

I've hurt since that day. My deltoid muscle has been in spasm since then--with tendinitis. This muscle and tendon attaches to the rotator cuff, and I don't really feel like having surgery on that. Looks like I'll never be a major league pitcher.

I finally gave in and went to the doctor yesterday, and the good doctor said: "Do you want to sacrifice your shoulder for the house?".

So now I'm on a powerful NSAID and I got a hot water bottle to apply to my sore shoulder. I have to do shoulder exercises. I found this is easily done from the lazy boy, with my other hand holding the remote control to the TV.

Now it is off to work for five days. Hopefully, I won't have to wrestle any patients and do further damage to the shoulder. And when I come back next week, I have a friend from Minnesota who is coming out to help me (hopefully) stack the bales and make walls. Finally!


Katherine Darrow said...

Are you feeling better these days?
I hope you don't need shoulder surgery. Tom went through that a year ago and it wasn't pretty...although his shoulder is in better shape now than it has been since the original injury 25 years ago!
Good luck.

Allan Stellar said...

Hi Kathy,

My shoulder hurts like heck. Sort of diappointing, as we would like to make a push to get this house done. So my options are to: 1. Keep working; 2. Rest and let Joni work. Which doe you think I'm gonna choose?