Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter (Bunnies)!!

We got two bunnies today! Jazmine hold Tobi:

Kylie with Dutch:

Kylie holding Tobi:

We now have two mice (Nellie and Puzzle), one cat (Rocky), one dog (Angel) and two new bunnies (Tobi and Dutch; I wanted to name them Hunter and Abbey, but was over-ruled by the youngsters of the household).
Next we will get chickens and a goat!


Jackijo said...

I have owned a rabbit for almost 7 years. They are very sweet pets, but require a lot of care. My Bunny divides his time between his indoor home where he watches TV to outside where he watches birds, eats anything growing including my veggies, and plays chase with the neighbor cat (they like each other!)
Good luck!

Allan Stellar said... far the girls love the bunnies. And our dog would certainly love to have one for lunch!