Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Left the hospital last night and drove the 160 some odd miles home (I was away for ten days). I'm home for 24 hours--and then back to the hospital for a couple more days. In the meantime, we had a dump truck deliver some good dirt to us for our gardens. We have set up eight raised beds from the extra rain soaked strawbales that we can't use.

The dirt is part compost, part worm castings and good ole Sacramento River Valley dirt. The earth up here is more suitable to building clay houses than for gardening. Hence the need for some good dirt. We need to build up the soil if we expect to eat any vegetables this year.

Grandpa Klungtvedt told me (just before he died) that I was the last hope in the family to become a Farmer. When he told me that (I was 12)...I was nearly appalled. Me? A Farmer? Heck, I wanted to live in the city and do city things.

But now I am on my way! This is for you Grandpa Klungtvedt!!

The above photo is the dumptruck load of dirt remaining that we need to heave (with the wheelbarrow) Beetle Bailey style into the garden beds. Of course, it is raining today (after being sunny the whole ten days I was gone), so I won't get any work done. It is a rest day--since I've been doing a whole lot of working for monetary wages lately.

Why am I working so much extra? Well, the unit needed somebody to fill in as a Social Worker for a few weeks. The work is easy; I'm horribly over paid to do it. But with this economy, it is hard to turn down extra work.


Jackijo said...

I can't wait to see something growing in those garden beds!

Allan Stellar said...

Well, it certainly looks sloppy right now. If I was the person doing this project, I'd predict it would remain that way. But Joni will make it both functional and beautiful with all of her talents...

Stay tuned... Thanks!