Monday, February 2, 2009

The Southern Stem Wall Is Done!!

We finished the Southern Stem Wall today. Joni told me it wasn't high enough, so I built it taller:

In progress. Why so many photos of a sloppily constructed wall? Well, I didn't really fully appreciate the amount of work involved. First off, all the rock is from our property. Gathered. Hunted. Picked up. Dug out. Hefted. Grunted. Hauled. All of it. Thousands of rocks. Set in mortar. One at a time.

One inside corner:

The other inside corner:

Tomorrow will be a cob day. We hope to put Cob on top of this wall and get it ready for a window. I would like to get strawbales up on this wall before I return to work at the end of this week.

But I know how those sorts of plans usually go!

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