Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Sell Out...

Joni didn't feel well today, so we just did one batch of Cob and added it to the new Stem Wall we built.

Which leads to the sell out. I sanded the Post pictured below today. Initially, my idea was to do as much of the work by hand as possible. Which was fine when Joni sanded the three other Posts she completed.

However, when it came to be my turn to sand a post, I discovered that this is hard work! And quite slow!

So I drove to Oroville and bought a fifteen dollar electric sander. It works great! Joni was quite displeased.

Joni said, "You mean you bought a sander, when I had to do it with just sandpaper and a block? It took me days to do a Post!"

I asked her why she didn't just tell me that it was too hard of work?

"Because I didn't want to disobey what you said. I asked you" She fumed, "but you said, Nah...we can do it by hand. It seems that we do it by hand when I have to do it--but when you do, it's off to Home Depot for a sander!"

Of course, she is right. I went on to tell her that she shouldn't listen to me; that she married an idiot; I continued to sheepishly grovel.

In the end, Joni said she would forgive me....someday (probably not very soon). The sanded Post looks nice though. Now all it needs is some Linseed Oil.

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