Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Next Window Buck...and Cob!

We worked on putting in a new window frame today. We also Cobbed in the bottom of the window. These photos are in no apparent order....

Building this Addition has been a family affair. All watch over the work, even the dog:

And we all get to stomp in the mud:

Here Kylie holds the bottom of the frame for the new window in place...while we gather mud:

And Kylie hammering in nails into the new window frame (the nails are to hold the Cob in place):

Jazmine gets to hammer too:

And we get to stomp in the mud as a family...

Sometimes enthusiasm wanes...Jazmine likes to dream she is a Hollywood Actress. "Me?" She says, "Get my hands dirty? Are you kidding? That is a little beneath my exalted status"!

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