Friday, January 16, 2009

The First Wall; We Only Had To Rebuild It Twice!

Learning curves.

Here we are building our first Strawbale wall. We ended up taking it apart and rebuilding it. The top of the wall started looking like the Arrowhead part of the State of Minnesota. This made the wall pretty unstable.

We had this Baling Needle made for us today. It allows us to take bales apart and thread the string to make custom, smaller bales. We made several half bales in this portion of the wall.

Joni is stapling a wire mesh from the top of the Strawbale to the wooden post. This helps secure the wall.

The finished product. A window will go in the area to the left. We will work on this tomorrow.

From the deck....Joni pushes on the Strawbale to make it snug:

More fun and games tomorrow. Not bad for a first effort...

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