Thursday, January 15, 2009

McMansion Pornography

I took a hike today with Angel. This is a magnified view of a monster house that was just built in Paradise, California. Grotesque!

The white spot is the aforementioned Mansion:

Paradise is 1 1/2 miles away on the other side of the canyon. Houses sit on top of the ridge on the other side. Paradise does have some excellent parks. And they have a good bike path smack dab in the middle of town. Better than most cities of 50,000 people.

But they also have a grand view of the Feather River Canyon. Of course, most of the public doesn't have access to the view: it is all private property--with million dollar houses like the cumbersome Giant pictured above.

Paradise would be better served with a bike/running/walking path along the lip of the canyons. The public deserves to see the beauty! Right now it is just the lucky elite who get to enjoy such.

Here is an idea for urban planning:

All Urban Plans should ensure that the wild population has access to water, forage and room to roam (that should be priority number one. We live in places because it is the best possible place for any species to live. It is time to cede back some of our space to our Wild Brothers and Sisters...

2. The Public should be ensured to enjoy all the best views and scenery through the use of public space (parks and walking paths that are uninterrupted by automobile traffic).
Recently public space has been reduced to walks around sewage treatment plants. Paradise should step in and create a walking path in front of the behemoths on the other side of the canyon. And even better yet, bulldoze those suckers so that the ridge line view is no longer encumbered by conspicuous consumption!

3. Residential space should be the last area should consist of multi income, population dense housing.
Anything over 1200 square feet should be taxed up the wazoo! And you should pay extra for garages! Sidewalks should be mandatory.

4. All towns designed since the creation of the Freeway are subject to drastic reclassification of urban use.
Meaning a town could take over poorly designed space and create something socially useful. Current property owners would be ensured accommodations in a better ecologically planned neighborhood. Essentially--a trade.

5. Forget about fair market value---the market isn't fair; nor does it consider all value.
Let the few who enjoy views like the one in the McMansion above (that was built in the last year!) live in something smaller---and let the whole Public enjoy the view and a safe unimpeeded walk! Don't give them a million dollars for their greed. Just give them a trade...a lot and a solar powered house in an ecologically sound environment.

Raze the Mansions! Empower the Cottages! No rich. No poor. All happy!

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