Friday, November 7, 2008

Cleaning up the Corner...

Joni cleaning up the corner:

Inside the house:

Outside the house:

The wettest corner. We will add another foot of rock to the top of this. But first we will build our Stem Wall around the entire perimeter.

Building ceases for the day. I have to go to Napa to get recertified in the "Management of Assaultive Behavior". Occupational hazard. In my career I've had a chunk bitten out of my arm, have broken my ribs twice--and have had various other injuries not quite so severe.
A friend of mine was walking down the unit with another Nurse a few years ago (at another workplace). A patient managed to break the arm of a chair and used it to hit the nurse he was working with across the head. Killed him. Psychiatric Nurses get more injuries than Police Officers do. When is the last time you saw a flags at half mast for injured, maimed and assassinated psychiatric workers?

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