Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holes and Framing a Wall...

Started out the day by finishing drilling the holes in the cement pad for the stem wall we are planning on building. As I was working on this, GG and his brother showed up in GG's ancient and barely running pickup truck. Unexpected. Gave me a chance to stop what I was doing and let the two brothers work.

They finished framing the wall above the cabin (after yet another trip to buy some more lumber). There will be a window in the box next to the ladder.

The finished drilled holes...

A one day visit from GG and his brother. Joni and I will restart the stem walls tomorrow. Joni spent the evening last night reading "The Good Life" by Scott and Helen Nearing--boning up on how the Nearing's did such endeavors. Like Helen (who did all the placement of the rock), Joni plans on following in the Nearing's tradition. I will gather the rock; mix the mortar--and provide the (im)moral support!

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