Friday, October 24, 2008

Forms for the Stem Wall...

Blogger put these photos in reverse order...oh well. We built the forms for the Stem Wall. Joni has an upper respiratory infection, but she rallied to help me build these forms. The width of the Stem Wall will be fourteen inches. It's straight enough for my dirtball-inexact-that's-gotta-be-good-enough-because-I've-never-been-a-Carpenter-nor-a-Mason-Personality.

Rocks and mortar will go in between the 12 inch in height forms.

Tying off the top with bailing wire. We reviewed how the Nearing's did this (again) before starting.

Here I am pounding in the rebar. There is a tad bit of epoxy on the ends of the 10 inch in length rebar.

Since neither one of us have ever done this before, we are hoping that it works! After all, I promised I would show our work, warts and all...

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