Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Solage...not a winery...Solage Resort

I finished my little tour at the newest, upscale, snobby, incredibly expensive, elite, gonna-take the-whole-wad-of-cash-under-the-mattress-to-lodge-and-eat-here resort in Calistoga. Joni and I did have a wonderful meal here once. By far the best restaurant in Calistoga (with prices to match). If you want to stay here, it will cost you dearly.

With a name like "Solage" I was curious as to how much they use the sun to power the place. By the way, that palm tree was trucked in. A friend (who works for the city) told me they spent 20,000 bucks on it!

All the cottages and other facilities are modest in appearance, with no panels on the roof.

The cottages don't look like much. Again, no panels.

Above the restaurant, they do have one set of panels. With a name like "Solage" and with the amount of cash they invested in this brand new facility, I think they should have panels on every cottage and extraneous buildings.

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