Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Log Posts...the work has started....

My fellow colleague, renaissance man and friend: GG (the big guy who looks like an Hispanic version of David Crosby in this photo) started work on the Post and Beam--along with his crew. He has agreed to get the P and B up--and also the roof, so that we can work under the structure while constructing the stawbale part.

I had to do my nursing duties in the Napa Valley, so they started without me. Joni watched as they worked. Here is one of Gus' crew, starting to strip a tree that they took down. We are using Ponderosa pines.

Continuing to strip the bark. Joni told me that it took him 45 minutes to strip this tree.

Almost done...

The finished product...

We really didn't want to take down too many trees. I asked Joni (who has a felony for sitting in an ancient tree) how she felt about it? Did she feel like a hypocrite? Joni, in her spooky spiritual way, had a talk with the trees that we marked to fell.

Joni said that the trees are happy to provide their wood for us. The trees have watched this place be neglected for years...and that they are excited to be a part of this project. Can trees communicate with us? Is this anthropomorphising what a tree would feel?

There is an excellent Russian series called: "Anastasia" which speaks of the "ringing cedars" of Siberia. The premise is that nature does cooperate with us. And will give Her blessings to us, if our intentions are worthy.

Wendell Barry said that it takes "human presence" to complete the land. I don't know if I quite agree with him. Seems we do more damage than good. However, cooperation with our natural environment, such as we are the very least, shows good intentions.

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