Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Second Wall Finished!!

We finished the day by placing two more posts under the rafter--completing the second wall.

We were lucky to have Bill, our neighbor, drop by to help us with the fourth post. GG, Duane and I were exhausted. Sometimes the Universe conspires (all the time?) to help you at just when you need it most. Bill's appearance certainly felt that way!

This is my favorite post. This log was cut two days ago by Bill (he needed to create a new driveway access). It is big. Huge. It nearly broke the Tripod as we put it into place. Joni (the Treehugging Felon) hugs our post.

We have nicknamed the above mentioned post: "Bub-ba". Joni with our favorite post again:

So today we do it again.

I don't think a person can appreciate just how heavy these logs are, unless you try to lift them. This is exhausting work. My arms ache. My back aches. My legs ache. I fall asleep the second I hit the pillow. I have petrified tree sap stuck on my arms and hands--and hair. I ripped my favorite blue jeans. My back went into spasm. Ibuprofen has become a staple. I smell like a sweaty pine forest.

This, my friends, is happiness!!

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