Thursday, September 18, 2008

The First Rafter!!!

The proper use of an ATV. GG drags the rafter to our building site:

The rafter and the Tripod in place. We had trouble setting this rafter into place. The rope busted on the pulley. The log dropped. Superhuman strength is possible, because when it dropped (GG was pulling on the pulley), I was guiding the rafter into place. I caught the log--held it for a few seconds until GG could assist me--preventing the rafter from knocking Duane off the ladder (as he was attempting to get a lag screw into it). Before we put it up, I couldn't lift the heavy end.

The rafter (finally! Yippee!) sitting on the second wall's two end posts.

Duane after having finished lagging the rafter on to the first post we put up:

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