Friday, September 26, 2008

The next step...

Here are the last of the logs which need to be stripped. My job for the weekend. We have two posts left to strip plus two rafters and one crossbeam. Labor intensive, but fun.

As they dry, we will treat the wood with Linseed oil. We also will use a natural citrus product which helps to keep any bugs away. We have found a few bark beetles in some of the pieces. A few of the logs we have used were taken down in April by a neighbor. They are ready to treat now, and we did apply one coat to a fifteen foot post.

The lumber above will be placed on the already existing cement pad to finish the post and beam work. We hope to have this completed on Monday. Tuesday thru Thursday we hope to have the paneling up on top of the rafters (which will be the ceiling... recycled from a salvage place in Chico).

On top of the paneling we will then use FSC certified 2 x 6's. That will create a box for the insulation we will have delivered next week (recycled blue jean insulation). On top of that we will then nail in some eco-friendly plywood...followed by the recycled tin roof. The only new lumber we will use will be the Forest Stewardship Council certified 2 x 6's and the Green certified plywood.

We still are using the outdoor kitchen for dishes. Here is Joni cleaning up after last night's supper (and the night before too). Cleanliness is important to keep the critters away. A neighbor, a mere few hundred yards from our place, is troubled by Bears. They have become acclimated to humans and have discovered that garbage and chickens taste good. So far, we haven't had any problems. We attempt to keep up with the dishes. We lock away our garbage. We don't leave any food outside. And we haul our garbage out every other week.

We keep the animal food locked up and clean too. We don't want to have any Rattlesnakes hanging about under our shed. Keeping the pet food in tin pails (plus having a mouser for a cat) keeps the rodents away. Keep the rodents away and you keep the Rattlers away. That's the theory anyway. So far, so good.

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